Knutson Companies President Speaks on Leadership Panel at Loudoun Bisnow Event in Loudoun County

July 22, 2019 — Leesburg, VA. Speaking as part of a panel of local real estate leaders discussing the state of housing in Loudoun County, Knutson Companies President Donald Knutson said he is seeing a greater demand among Millennials looking for their first home in the county.

In the nation’s wealthiest county, opportunities for what some would describe as “affordable housing” can be few and far between. Knutson noted that the interest is there among home shoppers.

“It’s a rush selling a house to first-time buyers, they love it,” Knutson said at the July 15 event. “We’re selling to lots of them, they are definitely attracted, but you’ve got to have the place and you’ve got to have the price. Without the second one, it isn’t happening.”

The panel noted that a new comprehensive plan, passed by the county in June, could help pave the way by allowing more dense housing developments to be built near major transit and commercial corridors.

“The key component to actually getting this type of housing is having zoning that lets you do it,” Knutson said. “There are many builders that would love to do it because there is huge demand, but they have to get the densities and deliver the product more effectively.”

Chair Phyllis Randall of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisor was a featured speaker at the event. Other members of the panel included Peterson Cos. President of Development Taylor Chess, Lerner Senior Vice President Jim Policaro and Rappaport Senior Director Susan Bourgeois.