Founded in 2012, the Knutson Companies develop and build townhome, condominium and mixed-use communities within walking distance of restaurants, shopping, entertainment and recreation. Our vision of community seeks to maximize the quality of our homes, our neighborhoods and the lifestyles of the customers who choose the Knutson Companies.

The Knutson Companies deliver superior curb appeal and interior design through innovative architecture, attention to detail, careful selection of building materials and quality execution in the field. Most recently, Knutson Companies was in the local spotlight at the 2018 Great American Living Awards, (GALA), with their modern-style townhomes at Brambleton Town Center, taking home top honors for design and architecture. And, in 2017, Knutson at Downtown Brambleton received local and national recognition for the best design and architecture of their urban-designed townhomes from Great American Living Awards, (GALA), and Best in American Living™, (BALA), by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

Every associate of the Knutson Companies is guided by the principles upon which the company was founded: be forthright with people, share in their excitement, and build each and every community like you were going to live there.

Thank you in advance for considering the Knutson Companies.